Water Department

When it was completed in 1997, the Martins Ferry Water Treatment Plant was the most advanced of its kind in the region.  Drawing its water supply from an underground aquifer which flows south from northern Ohio, the plant employs a traveling bridge filter and ozonation process to provide clean, safe, drinking water to 15,000 customers a day as well as to other water district systems.

The entire water system has over 4,000 connections including residential, commercial, and industrial providing upwards of 2 million gallons of water per day.  The water treatment plant was built with growth in mind; at present design, the plant could produce 5 million gallons per day and, with the addition of an additional filter bed and pumps, that amount could be doubled.


Water SuperintendentWater Supy-Bill-Suto
Bill Suto

Contact Information
Phone: (740) 633-1378


  • Provide the citizens of Martins Ferry with safe, healthy drinking water.
  • Maintain the water distribution system in an efficient and cost effective manner.



 City of Martins Ferry Water Department
Drinking Water Quality Report for 2015





For more information, including office hours contact the Utility Office at 740-633-6151.