Utility Office

Located on the 1st Floor of the City Building at 35 South 5th Street, the Department of Public Service Utility Office is the center of Martins Ferry’s daily business activity. The Utility Office is where to go when you need to pay the water, sanitation, and sewer bill, as well as stop/start utility service, obtain contractor licenses and building permits, purchase Riverview Cemetery lots, and more.

Deborah Conway, Utility Clerk.

Ashley Boyd, Floater Clerk.

Amanda Yourkovich, Billing Specialist.

Utility Office hours are 7:30 AM to 3:15 PM Monday through Friday.


After regular hours citizens may still pay their utility bills by using the Drop Box located at the Utility Office counter or on the street located at South 5th and Walnut across from the City Building.


Checks may be made out to DOPS.


For a copy of the City Utilities Rules and Regulations Click Here.